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Welcome to our solar blog! Here we share all the latest news, tips, and information on solar energy and how it can benefit your home or business. Our goal is to educate and empower readers to make informed decisions about solar adoption and help them maximize the return on investment. We cover a range of topics, so follow us for regular updates and news on solar in BC and Canada.

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8-reasons why microinverters are superior

We only install micro-inverters on residential jobs. See some of the reasons why below.

Flexible Design

All AC design, no minimum system size. Can connect across multiple roof faces.

Higher Reliability

No single point of system failure. Each panel and inverter acts independently.

Increased Safety

Low voltage DC never exceeds 80 volts. String inverters can have 600-1000 volts of DC on the roof

Longer Warranty

25 - 30 year manufacturers warranty on panels and inverters.

Easier Installation

No DC electrical work, no mounting a string inverter.

Low Maintenance

Monitoring and performance tools make micro-inverters easier to diagnose.

Greater Productivity

In independent studies, Enphase produced up to 3.1% more energy.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Micro-inverters are safely secured under panels and there is no large inverter installed.

10 Quick Benefits of going solar

Everyone has a different reason for exploring renewable energy sources. See below some of the benefits of converting to clean solar energy.

Eliminate or reduce your monthly hydro bill - eliminate monthly expenses

Rebates and incentives - $5000 current federal rebate paired with $40,000 interest free loan

Environmental stewardship - reduces greenhouse gas emmission, mitigates climate change, reduces your carbon footprint, reduces reliance on fossil fuels

Return on Investment - a solar system will pay for itself over time

Financial independence - freedom from rising energy costs

Protect your roof - solar adds another layer that is purpose built for the elements and can extend the lifespan of your roof

Cool your home - In the summer your roof doesn’t heat up, saving cooling costs

Low maintenance cost - panels naturally clean themselves

Prepare for electic surge - electricity will become more scarce as technology and automotive industries shift toward electric

Integrate your home - add EV chargers, batteries and expand your solar system in the future.