Installing clean solar renewable energy on your home just got easier. With the BC Hydro Grant, eligible homeowners can receive up to $500 toward retrofitting solar. There has never been a better time to convert to clean energy. We make the process very simple to help reduce or eliminate your BC Hydro bill. Scroll down to continue reading about the many benefits of going solar for homeowners.

Why Should you choose Pure Solar?

We have a reputation for providing quality solar installations in the Lower Mainland.


Our team of experienced installers take care to seamlessly integrate solar into your home.

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We only use the best in market solar panel and inverter combinations, from the most reputable brands. We pair that with the strongest and most durable racking and hardware to ensure the longevity of your system.


We offer a minimum 25-year manufacturers warranty on all solar panels and inverters. That is piece of mind in knowing that you are receiving the highest quality solar products.


With peace of mind knowing you are receiving quality customer service, best in market products, professional installation and extended warranties, all at competitive pricing. it's easy to see why people continue to choose us as their trusted solar provider.

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BC Hydro Grant & Canada Greener Homes Loan (2 available)

✔️  BC Hydro Grant - $5000 Rebate
✔️  CGH Loan - $40,000 interest-free loan


✔️  Certified FSR
✔️   BC Hydro Grid Interconnection
✔️   BC Hydro / WorkSafe compliant

BC Hydro Net Metering

✔️  Produce excess energy to store as credit in your BC Hydro account
✔️   Optimize BC summer months to offset seasonal consumption

Our 5-Step Approach

1. Free Assessment & Consultation

Upon submitting our contact form, a member of our team will reach out to discuss your energy goals, provide a solar assessment and answer questions you may have. If necessary we will arrange for an on-site visit, which enables us to confirm the slope, access, shading and suitability for solar on your roof.

2. Design & Proposal

Based upon the information collected during the initial consultation, energy usage from your BC Hydro account and the site visit, our solar experts will generate a comprehensive proposal that fits your specific energy needs. Aligned with the BC Hydro Net Metering program, we will try to match your annual usage and generation to eliminate your BC hydro bill. You will be provided with a free assessment which demonstrates 3D imagery for a model of your proposed system, outlining the projected generation and utility savings.

3. Contract & Procurement

If you like our proposal we will formerly prepare a statement of work (SOW) to enter into a formal contract. Once a contract has been signed, we will order and deliver all of the required materials for your project from our trusted local suppliers. We use various suppliers to ensure that you are receiving the best solar products on the market.

4. Schedule & Installation

Our installation team will make contact and arrange a date that suits you. Installation generally takes between 1-3 days depending on the size of the system. Our installers will arrive, introduce themselves and then quickly get to work. There is no special access required, so installers can also work if the homeowner is out for the day. We are flexible and respect your space, so we will work around your preferred schedule.

5. Certification & Commission

Once your system is installed we will have our FSR certified electrician connect the system to the mains panel and the BC Hydro grid. Just like that you are now generating clean energy using the power of the sun. Using the monitoring system we set up for you will enable us both to monitor, track and ensure your systems performance. Be assured that ongoing support is available from our team.

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We’re on a mission to provide access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Our vision is to integrate solar into the fabric of Vancouver, becoming the primary source of power for homes, businesses, and industry alike. We believe that through the widespread adoption of solar, our society will become more sustainable, equitable and prosperous for all.

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