BC Hydro

One of the key drivers of the solar market in BC is the province’s Clean Energy Act, which requires BC Hydro to source at least 90% of its electricity from clean or renewable sources by 2025. This has created a strong demand for clean energy alternatives, such as solar power, and has led to the many homeowners and businesses taking advantage of the BC Hydro Net Metering program.

For Net Metering

In addition to the Clean Energy Act, the BC government also offers a number of incentives to encourage the adoption of solar power by businesses and homeowners. For example, the province offers a renewable energy buyback program called BC Hydro Net Metering program that allows businesses and homeowners to sell excess solar power back to the grid at a guaranteed rate. This can help solar producers offset the cost of their solar installations and make the transition to renewable energy even more financially attractive”.

BC Hydro Net Metering Program

The BC Hydro Net Metering program is open to residential and commercial customers and is designed for those who generate electricity for their own consumption. It allows you to power your home or business with renewable energy in a self-sufficient way, but with the flexibility to rely on being grid-tied should you need it.

In order to participate in the BC Hydro Net Metering program you (the customer) must own or lease the property, be connected to the BC Hydro grid (distribution network), use clean or renewable energy (as defined by the Clean Energy Act) and have a capacity of less than 100kW.